How to Shop Online for Affordable Lace Front Wigs

Affordable Lace Front Wigs Online

In our previous article “Are Buying Lace Front Wigs For Less REALLY a Good Idea?”, we listed all the reasons why it wasn’t such a brilliant move to buy cheap lace front wigs. But we never said that buying an affordable one was impossible. Affordable lace front wigs are being sold in what seems like every other store on the internet, so it’s easy to be lured into a trap and buy the ‘wrong’ thing.

In order to protect yourself and make sure you purchase amazing quality hair that won’t break the bank, you should follow the following rules.

1. Do your research

You really can’t go wrong with getting informed about the product you want to buy. Find out about the different kinds of lace front wigs, the types of closure, the different kinds of hair (human hair, virgin hair, synthetic hair) and about wigs in general.

You’ll need to find out how to take care of the hair in order for it to last and learn that different textures require different amounts of maintenance.  

2. Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Whether it be Google, your hair stylist or your best friend who always has bomb hair. Ask them about the quality of the hair, the lengths that they have, the kind of closure they used to make the wig and the price they paid for the hair. Getting informed will give you something to compare the prices that you see online to.

3. Read and watch reviews

The evolution of technology has made it so much easier to find out what we need to know online. These days, we can read reviews from people who’ve bought lace front wigs from a particular company. Not only that, but we can also see pictures of when the buyer just got the hair to months after the wig has been installed.

If that wasn’t enough, Youtube has made it so easy for us to experience (to a certain extent) what we can expect from the hair. And a few of you may be skeptical because  the gurus sometimes get the best hair in order to convince us to buy it, but there’s a way to get around that. You watch the videos from hardworking people like you and me, who’ve actually spent their money on the hair. These reviews tend to be a lot more honest than that of free/sponsored hair.

Virgin hair and lace frontal:

Buying Lace Front Wigs

(Image Credit) @virginhumanhairamy_shi1982

4. Compare baseline prices

This may just be the most tedious part of the entire process. First, you must look at the prices of the best quality of wigs that you’ve found, and compare it to the not-so-great quality ones. This way, you’ll learn to expect and understand just how much you should fork out to get some really good hair. The reviews that you’ve read and watched will let you know which lace front wig companies offer amazing quality. At this point, if you still can’t find the perfectly priced lace front wig for you, consider taking a wig with a shorter length (the shorter lengths cost less) or a wig that doesn’t have a very high density (high density wigs are more expensive) or consider taking a different texture- curly and kinky hair tend to be more expensive than straight and wavy hair.

5. Buy a sample

Understandably, some of you may be confused by this step. Some hair companies, not all, allow you the opportunity to purchase a small amount of the hair for a very affordable price, so that you can test it out and see what it’s like. You won’t get the lace, just a small weft with the hair that you can wash, straighten, bleach or dye, just to see how the hair holds up.

One could argue that the samples are the best of the best and helps companies to gain clients, only to supply them with subpar hair, but one must have faith. Just stick to the reputable companies and you’ll be fine.