Hair care fanatics are everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are promoting everything essential for proper hair care and growth. But if you’re a so called ‘newbie’, some terms when will leave you slightly confused. Well we’re here to bring you up to speed on one of the biggest trends right now.

How often do you hear the term ‘lace front wig’? And when you hear it, what exactly comes to mind? And what is a lace front wig? All these questions will be answered but first, let’s start with a brief history on wigs.

Wigs have been worn since Ancient Egyptian times. In more recent history, wigs were worn by Louis the VIII to hide his baldness. By the late 17th century, wigs were all the rage in Europe. The trend moved to the US, but after a while, wearing wigs to depict ones wealth died out.

Fast forward to the 19th century where a new wig-making process rose to the forefront. Ventilating needles replaced the tambour hooks to knot the strands of hair into a suitable fabric. By the 1870’s a lace machine was invented and made mass production of lace wigs possible. Wig makers at the time had already noticed that using a flesh-colored lace provided a more natural and realistic look. The most common of the wigs offered a small-strip of lace in the front, and thus the lace front wig was born.

The front of the wig was and still is made completely out of lace and the rest was made out of a less delicate material (to make the entire thing less susceptible to ripping). Today, everyone who wears extensions knows about lace front wigs. They can be made out of synthetic  fibers, human hair blends and virgin hair. Lace front wigs may just have a tiny strip of lace exposed (a part), just the center may contain the lace, making it part-able in just that section, or the entire front of the wig-from ear to ear- may be made out of the lace.

So why is everyone going gaga over these wigs? Just what about them makes them so special? Let us just outline the pros of lace front weaves for you quickly.

  • It appears to be naturally your hair as it mimics the color of an individual’s scalp.
  • Enables heat to dissipate.
  • Can be washed.
  • Can be styled differently.
  • It allows the hair to be protected (and sometimes grow more quickly) underneath

Lace front wigs vary in price; you have to take into consideration the length of the hair, the curl pattern or lack thereof of the hair, the density of the hair in the lace and many other factors. The lace wig trend is one we definitely support, despite its cons-which can be eliminated if different adhesion methods are used.

It may seem a bit scary for newbies to jump into the world of lace fronts but it really isn’t. Yes, there are many tiny details which need to be taken into consideration; hair density, the kind of lace style, the kind of hair, your price range etc., but research can cure it all.