Natural Hair

A good number of us women are diehard fans of natural hair. However, some things such as choosing the right hair style for your face, styling natural hair, how to make synthetic hair look natural, just to mention a few, can be a nightmare in the making. This page is for all of you ladies out there looking for natural hair inspiration and resourceful information to make things easier. Let’s look at a brief summary of some of the incredible natural hair tips and resources you can benefit from this page when it comes to styling and rocking natural hair.

Long and Short Hair Natural Hairstyles

Whether you are more into long hair or short hair styles, there are plenty of options out there for you to try out. Talk about the famous crochet bob, afro kinky twists, curly crotchets, scary spice, wash and go, and the list is endless. Short or long, discover the many options out there for you to look superb in your natural hair. For instance, some of the most inspiring natural hairstyle options for short hair include Protective Up-dos, Twists, Puffs, Mohawks, Fauxhawks, and Finger coils according to TRHS.

Best Crotchet Styles to Try

Beyonce Crochet Braids

Credit: buchanan1279

One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to women and hair is deciding on which hairstyle to go for next. When it comes to styling natural hair, there are more than just a few hairstyles you can rock, especially when it comes to crochet braiding. Discover some of the best natural hairstyles you might not have tried in 217, including

  • The Burgundy explosion
  • Tamed twist out
  • Crowning glory
  • Goddesses, unite!
  • Soft curls
  • Afro-chic
  • And much more

This page also there gives you plenty of how-to guides, including how to make crochet hair look completely natural, do crochet twist-outs, how to buy crochet weaves online, and much more.

Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are an African American chick it goes without saying, that there are many ways you can rock with a natural hair style. However, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a tight spot when it’s time to get yourself a new hot natural hair look. Crochet hair is one of the best natural hairstyles around everyone is talking about. This page gives you plenty of ideas for short hair styles and many other natural hairstyle options you can go for on your next visit to the salon.  

Borrow Natural Hairstyle Tips and Ideas from Popular Celebrities

It’s a common thing with us women, we like getting hairstyle inspiration from some of our most popular celebrities and socialites out there. When it comes to curly crochet braids, for instance, you’d want to look at how the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Angela Basset, Kelly Rowland, and many more popular female celebrities rock it.  

Crochet Hair 101

If you’ve heard of or even rocked crochet hair, you will agree with me that its one of the most common hairstyles currently, especially among the black community. The major reasons for this are that in addition to being easy to style, there are dozens if not hundreds of ways you can crochet your short or long natural hair and look extremely fabulous without breaking the back. If you decide to go for crochet braids, there are also dozens of ways you can style them. For more inspiration read some of our inspiring crochet hair articles like:

  • A beginner’s guide for how to crochet hair
  • Various ways you can rock a crochet bob
  • How long to wear crochet hair?
  • Afro kinky crochet hair twists  
  • Crochet braid patterns
  • 6 2017 crochet styles you may not have tried yet
  • Unique ways to style natural hair
  • 5 incredible crochet hair styles you might to try out
  • Four celebs who love rocking curly crochet hair
  • And more!

Crochet braids by Twana

Credit: @crochetbraidsbytwana