We can’t argue that a lot of us have been trained in how to do crochet braids.  After all this type of hairstyle is what’s trending right now. It’s like the Marilyn Monroe of this decade.

In our previous article, we gave some insight on how we can wear crochet hair to make it last longer and some maintenance methods. But how do we do crochet braids? How do we make it look natural? In this article, we are going answer that question. We are going to share our knowledge on how to make the crochet braids look very natural. Continue reading you may even learn a few things. It’s even possible that you may even find out some way in making the braids look natural that you never even thought of. So let’s get the ball rolling:

Using larger looser curls can give you a more glamorous look. These types of curls look even more natural than tighter ones.

  • Crochet Twists/Locs

Every woman who loves hair but is super busy their dream has been made a reality. Ready-made crochet hair.Ready-made twists and locks are preferably for those who want to style their hair but do not have much time. It’s quick, easy, saves time and of course it looks more natural.

  • Hot Rollers

Dipping rods in hot water is one of the most commonly used method of curling crochet braids without the usage of a curling iron. It provides that curly hair that was desired and of course the natural look aimed for as well without excessive damage.

  • Razor Comb

Using a razor comb is another way of achieving that natural look. Sometimes the volume of the hair purchased may not be desirable, hence, razor combs can be used to thin out the hair. These types of combs can be purchased in any beauty store so they aren’t that difficult to find.

  • Leave Out Edges

Excluding your edges from the braids allows for a more natural look. They can be combed and used to cover up any extra braids that may be showing. In addition your edges will not undergo any tension since they are not part of the braids. A bonus is that you can moisturize and take care is the hair properly.

  • Expose Some Cornrows

Intentionally deciding to leave out some cornrows so that they may be exposed is another method that can be adopted. Leave out as many as you desire (but not too many) and crochet behind that area. It looks like a whole new hairstyle!

We sure hope that these tips proved useful to you. Go ahead and try them out. You’re sure to fool your friends and co-workers by showing off how unbelievably natural your crochet braids look.

Come to think of it this article coupled with the previous one on the upkeep of your crochet braids is somewhat of a power house. You have definitely gained some more information on crochet braids. Don’t be stingy now share the info gathered with friends. They’ll be sure to love you more for it!