Let’s face it, these new crochet hair styles have got us on a binge. We are absolutely smitten with these types of hair and the hair styles we can take with them. But sometimes we have no clue as to how long we can wear crochet hair for. Often times we may end up wearing it longer than we are supposed to or probably only wear it for a short period of time robbing us of the maximum amount of time to spend with it. But fret not our crochet hair lovers because we are here to help. In this article we are going to provide you with some insight as to how long you can wear crochethair for. So read on. I’m sure you will find this information useful.

Typically crochet hair can last up to eight (8) weeks sometimes even longer too. However, it depends on a few things. Listed below are a few things to help you with getting the most out of your crochet hair:-

1. Quality of Hair Used

Simply put, the better the quality of crochet hair used the longer you can wear the hair for. We all have different opinions about which type of crochet hair may be the best to use but it all depends on which brand goes best with your hair type. For example a particular type of hair may go better with natural hair as opposed to relaxed hair and vice versa.  Although persons have argued that Outre X-pression, Marley and Curlkalon are the best but as I said before it all depends on your hair type.

2. Maintenance of The Crochet Hair

Like any other hair style, crochet hair requires upkeep. After putting in the crochet hair, maintenance is required. Just styling and leaving it as is, is not encouraged as it may be detrimental to the hair causing it to become stale quicker than normal robbing you of the maximum amount of time you could have spent with it. Here are a few ways to assist you with the maintenance of thecrochet hair:-

  • Wear a bonnet or satin scarf before going to bed each night. This protect your hair from becoming stale too quickly as well as keeping the hair moisturized longer after a conditioning spray has been used. The cotton in your pillow case robs hair of moisture.
  • A conditioning spray can be used to prevent dryness
  • Moisturize your scalp to prevent over-drying

3. Details of Your Crochet Hairstyle

You should note that the more complex your crochet hairstyle is the longer you may be able to wear it. The more intricacies to the hairstyle the better. However, as with all crochet hair it still requires daily maintenance.

4. Length of Hair

Most of us love long hairstyles but as much as possible try not to make the crochet hair too long. The longer it is the more upkeep required but the shorter the hair the more manageable it is.

Follow these four (4) tips listed above to the very detail and you will be sure to get the best out of your crochet hair.