It can get pretty confusing trying to keep up with all of the latest hair trends. One of the most confusing is being able to tell the difference between a lace front wig and a lace front weave. Let’s start with the fact that they both have the words ‘lace front’ in them.

A lace front anything (when it comes to hair) is when the wearer has natural-looking extensions that appear to be coming straight from the scalp. This is because the hair is attached to a piece of lace which mimics the color of the human scalp. Said lace isn’t as delicate as what we use in our clothing, but it’s delicate enough that it can tear or rip, if handled too roughly.

So what is a lace front weave?

A lace front weave is a form of hair extension installation that requires one to sew the hair into the braids of the client’s scalp. It is the exact same thing as a regular sew-in weave with the exception of what happens to the front of the hair. Instead of continuing to sew the wefts all the way to the front/top of the head, a lace frontal or closure is placed and lined up with the client’s hairline. That way, the hair in the front looks like the client’s natural hair.

Lace front sew in:

(Image Credit) @sewinginhair

So what’s the difference between the wig and the weave? Well the weave has to be sewn down, that will never change as long as it goes by that name, but the wig can be attached or secured to the head by methods that do not include a needle and thread. Also, the wig is an entire unit, or one piece, whereas the weave has at least two different parts- the lace frontal or closure and the bundles of hair.

Despite being applied in different ways, the end result is sometimes indistinguishable. You really can’t tell unless you run your hands through the hair (which is bad manners- please ask permission before you touch someone’s hair) and sometimes not even then. The tops of the frontals are sometimes secured in the same ways, by using glue or gel.

Washing your lace front weave is also quite the task. With lace front wigs, you can remove the unit from your head in order to shampoo and condition it, but because lace front weaves are sew onto the head, you’ll either need to go to salon to get it washed or try to do it on your own. In this case, your weave, the frontal and your natural hair will get wet; your own hair braided underneath may get looser because it was softened by the shampoo and conditioner.  

Lace front weave:

(Image Credit) @brandimaxiell

When it comes to the removal of a lace front weave, it usually takes a lot longer than a lace front wig. This is because all the wefts and the closure, secured by thread, need to be cut and removed row by row. Thus, it is much easier to accidentally damage you hair if you get a sew-in.

If you’re debating which one you should get, here are a few pros and cons of lace front weaves.


  • They’re cheaper than lace front wigs
  • They look just as good as lace front wigs


  • They aren’t as versatile because they’re sewn to your head
  • They’re more painful to install
  • They won’t last very long if not cared for properly

We really hope that we were able to help you learn a little bit more about what lace front weaves are. Be sure to take a look at our article on how to buy lace fronts online.

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