Crochet twists have made a huge comeback from the early 90’s. We love the bouncy curls, and versatility of the style. However, too often, people are disappointed that their twists don’t quite look like they imagined, or doesn’t last as long as they’d like. They might even point fingers at their hairdressers for doing a sub-par job when in fact, the hair brand they purchased was inferior. It’s tempting to buy the cheapest brand on the market, but that can do more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you should dish out the extra cash and choose a good hair brand.

The better the brand, the longer the style lasts

When you purchase hair for crochet twists, you expect the style to last for a month or so. You don’t want to walk around with your hair looking like an overused mop after a week, right? Higher quality brands are much more durable. They can better handle everyday trials like wind, sunlight, and the nightly showdown between your pillow and hair bonnet.Also, if you’re a fitness freak, you won’t want to be walking around with a sweaty scalp. Good-quality hair can withstand a few washes without completely ruining your crochet twists.

Some brands look more realistic

Many persons install crochet braids as a protective style, and when people comment on how natural their twists look, it feels great! Butyou are more likely to get these positive comments if your hair is a good quality. Higher quality brands give you that flawless, authentic look that keep heads turning.

Detangling is much easier with a good brand

Let’s go through the process of installing and maintaining crochet twists. Separate and detangle the hair after you take them out the pack; detangle the hair before you hook and pull it through your cornrow; detangle the hair before you knot and twist them; and detangle when you’re ready to refresh your look. See where we’re going with this? If the hair is its own enemy, you are going to have hell installing and maintaining them! Save yourself the trouble – buy a good brand.

Heat resistance

If you want to have fabulous crochet twists, you’ll have to prepare to maintain them. Part of the maintenance processes sometimes involves dipping your fresh twists into a cup of hot water to ensure your style stays.Also, if its summer time or if you live in the tropics, you won’t want your hair to fry in the heat. Parched hair isn’t cute, so you’re always better off buying a brand that can resist heat.

Crochet twists look amazing, but please be careful when choosing a hair brand. Bear in mind that some brands have varying hair qualities, so make sure you do your research before you purchase hair that you regret. You may also want to do some research on your natural hair so that you buy a brand that matches your texture as closely as possible. Since crochet weave is relatively inexpensive, always opt for the best quality hair that you can reasonably afford.