So, you’re thinking of putting in crochet twists! The crochet technique is a great protective option for your natural hair, and crochet twists are versatile and look absolutely amazing.

Let’s start with the basics. The length of your twists is everything, but of course that depends on your preference (and probably the climate you live in). You can go for layered crochet bob twists that fall just below your neck, shoulder-length twists, or even long, jumbo twists that cover your back. Of course, the longer your hair, the more styling options you have. After you’ve decided on the length, think about the type of twist you want, bearing in mind that the smaller the twists, the more hair you will need to buy. Without getting into too much detail, some of your twist options are Nubian twists, rope twists, or even 3D twists.

Alright, now for the fun stuff! You don’t need much to make your crochet twist hairstyle look good, but a little extra effort will make them stunning. Try these easy ideas and see how they work for you!

Accessorize with hair cuffs

Hair cuffs are a must-have when you are rocking crochet twists. Adding these little bits of gold, silver, or bronze to a few of your twists would give them that extra oomph to make your style dazzle. The best part is that they are inexpensive, and make a world of difference to your do. They also go great with any hair length.

Experiment with different tones and shades

Why have one colour in your hair when you have options? Natural colour-combinations look amazing withcrochet twists. You can try a black/brown combo, a brown/caramel combo, or even experiment with blondes and reds. The colour combo you choose depends on whatever you think best matches your skin tone.

Add a pop of color

If you prefer to go bold, spice up your hairdo by adding wild colors like blue, purple, or green. If you want to be subtle, only use the colored hair on two or three twists. If you’d like to make a statement, twist the top or bottom half of your hair with your desired colour. Either way, a pop of color always does wonders for your style.

Show off your cornrows

Styling options are endless with this one. You can do something simple and expose a few cornrows to the side of your head, andcrochet twist the rest of your hair. But to really stand out, cornrow the top half of your natural hair in an elaborate pattern of your choice, then crochet twist the bottom half of your hair.This will certainly turn heads and amaze those you meet.

Do you!

With a whole head of crochet twists, why notstyle it like you would style your own hair? You can do top knots, buns, a half up-do, or whatever you think will look cute. Add hair cuffs or hairbands and you are ready to slay!

No matter how you choose to do your crochet twists, they will look great. Hopefully these tips will help you to glamour-up your look, and show the world how stunning you are.