Hello again crochet hair lovers! We have put together an awesome treat for you guys in the form of some easy to follow steps on how to do crochet twist. If you have always wanted to learn how to do crochet twist outs well here is your chance.

Follow our simple steps and you’ll be sure to become a professional with some practise in no time. First off some easy to find items are needed to be put together in order to begin putting in the crochet twist. No worries, these items are totally inexpensive and not much are needed. The items needed are as follows:

Now that all your items have been gathered you are ready to begin your tutorial. The steps are as follows:-

1. Step One- Cornrow your hair into the desired pattern

The style of your cornrow pattern will determine how the crochet twist is put into your hair. Remember the tighter the cornrows the better so try not to make them too big or bulky because you also want to make the hairstyle look as natural as possible.

2. Step Two- Remove the Crochet Twist from its packaging

Try as much as possible to do this step carefully. You want to try to avoid damaging the hair by tangling it.

3. Step Three- Take your hook

Take your hook into your hand and open the latch. Push the hook under the cornrow while it is still open. Take your crochet twist and place it into the hook then close the hook’s latch.

4. Step Four- Slide the hair

Slide the hair underneath the cornrow by pulling the hand with the hook in the reverse or opposite direction until some of the hair is enough to form a loop or small knot.

5. Step Five- Remove the hook and form knot

Remove the hook from the crochet twist and with two fingers create an opening at the loop. Pass the hair through the hole (loop created with fingers) and pull to make a knot.

6. Step Six- Secure

When the knot has been made pull it tighter to ensure that it is secure.

7. Step Seven- Untwist

Because the main point of this style is that it be a twist-out, then we can’t forget to untwist the hair. If you’re going for a neat look, take your time while doing this part, to make sure that the hair doesn’t frizz. But if you’re going for a Chaka Khan kind of look, have at it.

8. Step Eight – Repeat

Repeat steps three through to six over again until you have used all the crochet twists that you had intended on using and just like that you are done.

Remember that you can begin putting in the crochet twists in the back or in the front of your hair it doesn’t really matter. You should begin where you feel comfortable. However, if this is your first time then you should start in the front to see what you are doing.

These were pretty easy steps I bet. We truly hope that they helped you in installing your crochet twists all on your own. Good luck ladies (and guys)!