The first quarter of 2017 saw the re-emergence of ripped jeans and all kinds of stripes. But one trend that we don’t mind isthe popularity of crochet hair. The crochet technique of adding hair extensions is an excellent protective style fornaturalistas. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest hairstyles, you would have noticed that crochet styles in 2017 are big, bold, and very much in tandem with Afrocentric standards of beauty.Whether you are thinking of installing crochet braids, or if you’re a seasoned wearer, here are some 2017 styles that you should try out:

1. Burgundy explosion

If you didn’t know better, you’d think this woman was rocking her natural tresses. But, nope! These are crochet braids. If you want to try out a natural look, maybe you can experiment with this style. Some crochet hair comes in this texture, but to achieve this look with hair that has more defined curls, you’ll need to brush it out. Once you are satisfied with the look of the installed hair, curl the ends, put in a top bun, and you’re all set!

2. Tamed twist out

Twist outs are popular hairstyles. In fact, you may have already tried it with your natural hair. However the same look can be achieved with crochet braids. But instead of letting your twists unravel in the wind, tame them a bit with this half up, half down style.This style is perfect for any occasion and looks very elegant. Don’t forget to smooth your edges!

3. Crowning glory

Jumbo crochet twists are one of the more popular options for crochet braids, but some crochet styles in 2017 have gone above and beyond, literally. This crown will make you feel like the queen you are! It may take lots of patience and hairpins to perfect this style, but the end result is worth it.

4. Goddesses, unite!

These Goddess Locs are divine! In case you didn’t know, Goddess Loc crochet hair generally begin as fauxlocs at the roots, then progress into curls towards the end. Locs and curls combine to become this amazing hairstyle. However, in 2017, you can’t be basic. Add a pop of colour like this bright lilac, accessorize with hair cuffs or string, and walk around confidently showing off your bomb hairstyle.

5. Soft curls

You can hardly tell that these gorgeous curls are crochet braids! Combine black braids with a natural tone of red and you too can achieve this lovely, semi-ombre appearance. Just imagine walking in the sunshine with this style, while your natural hair stays moisturized under the curls.

6. Afro chic

You know what they say: “Go big or go home!” Crochet braids aren’t just for extra length; you can also use them to get a big, curly afro. The best part is that you don’t have to worry too much about your cornrow pattern with this style because it is voluminous enough to cover your roots. Your natural hair will thank you!

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