Before any crochet hairstyle can be put in, of course your hair needs to be braided or some of us say “cornrowed” first. Like any hairstyle the crochet braid pattern dictates the pattern of your crochet hairstyle. There are different crochet braid patterns which can be used but the one chosen should be what suits you best as well as what suits the crochet hair that you will be putting in. We have put together a few of those crochet braid patterns for you to choose from. Don’t worry they are quite easy to do. So read on you may find out that some of these braid patterns are common but you didn’t know that they could have been used to install crochet hair.

1. Straight To The Back

This is the simplest of all the crochet braid patterns and also the most common. It’s not just used for crochet braids but also as a common hairstyle. We are almost certain that you have seen someone rocking this pattern. This braid style begins at the front of your head and goes all the way to the back. You can do as many as you like as there is no fixed number that you can do. As long as you can put in all the crochet braids that you had intended on putting.

2. Vixen

The vixen crochet pattern is done by parting the hair in four sections then applying the beehive braid pattern (as mentioned in number four above) to each section individually. So instead of having just one huge beehive, you will end up with four miniature ones. The vixen allows for a variety of styling options with ponytails and up-dos to your heart’s content.

3. U Part Cornrows

With crocheting a U Part can be done by braiding the hair straight back as explained in number one above. In the middle the braids must be crossed over one another. The curve looks more natural than a straight part. This type of braiding allows for more hair to be added on the braids during installation.

4. ZigZag

This crochet braid pattern begins like the straight back however it does not go all the way to the back. Rather it goes horizontally or left to right which looks like letter m’s in the hair. It provides a flat surface and a natural look.

5. Beehive

This crochet braid pattern is not unfamiliar to weave lovers. This pattern is the most commonly used when installing weave but it can also be used to install crochet hair. This type of crochet braid pattern is done by braiding the hair around and around in a spiral like structure. It starts from the side of your head and ends in the middle. This type of pattern lays flat on your head and makes the crochet hair look very natural.

We sure hope that these braid patterns at least provided some light on which crochet braid pattern you can use for which type of crochet hairstyle that you would like to install.