Let’s set the record straight right away: we LOVE a good bargain! And who doesn’t? Some of us wait until our favorite items or things go on sale before buying it. We’re guilty of the same thing so we can’t fault you for indulging in the habit. But there are certain things that one simply must not play the cheap card for, namely good hair. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying that same money over and over again when the hair begins to thin, shed and get matted.

(Image Credit) @beautybyaprildailey

The pros always say that good hair is an investment. That to look good, you need to spend money. And that’s very true when it comes to buying virgin hair and lace front wigs. Don’t get us wrong, we see the appeal in buying lace front wigs for less, but we also know all the cons of doing it. And in case you’re wondering what these disadvantages may be, here they are:

  1. Non-Virgin Hair– What are the chances of you getting an extremely well-made lace front wig for a low price? Zero to slim. The wig will appear to be perfect at first; it’ll blow in the breeze, give you life and make all your friends jealous. But by week three, you’re guaranteed to start having problems. The hair will start to tangle, it’ll get matted and it will start to shed. This is because cheap hair is hardly ever 100% virgin hair. It may have some virgin hair, but it will most likely contain hairs that are synthetic or are human hair blends. These hairs cannot handle heat and aren’t meant to last as long as human hair.
  2. Mediocre Lace– Mediocre lace can mean two things. One is that the lace is so delicate, that a tug in any direction will result in a rip. Depending on where that rip occurs, it can completely spoil your ‘investment’. The other situation is the exact opposite of the first: getting some hard, inflexible, un-bleachable lace that refuses to lay flat or be glued down. And really, what would be the point of wearing a lace front wig that looks completely unnatural?
  3. Horribly Constructed Wigs– Let’s imagine for a second that the first two cons don’t happen to you if you decide to buy a lace front wig for less- although we can promise you that it’s very likely that they will-the construction of the wig may not be the best. Oh, it will look perfect in the beginning but soon, tracks may come loose and fall out, the hair will start to shed from the improperly sewn wefts, the hair in the lace portion of the wig will slide out, leaving a very thin and unhealthy looking frontal.

(Image Credit) @butterfly_dior

You see, while the price may put stars in our eyes, we will eventually end up spending more money than we need to if we take the easy route and buy a cheap lace front wig. This article wasn’t meant to scare you, it just means that you should be aware of the problems you may face when trying to save a buck. And don’t get us wrong, there are definitely ways to save when buying lace front wigs, you just need to take the proper steps to end up with a product that’s of great quality.