4C hair is one of the most unique and beautiful hair types. It is easy to take care of, provided you have the right maintenance on your fingertips. 4C hair normally coils upon washing without adding any chemicals. It also has a tight kink and doesn’t clump without the use of styling techniques such as praying hands, braiding, twisting, and shingling. Sometimes it shrinks up to twenty-five centimeters, which gives it an appearance smaller compared to other hair types and textures. It is also one of the most fragile hair types.

Needless to iterate, hair moisture should always be preserved and maintained, which can be done using certain hair care products for 4C hair. This is because curly hair follicles tend to have a structure that allows moisture to quickly and easily escape from the shaft.

Image of a 4C hair model

Feature image courtesy Pamela Griffin-Thompson

If yours is 4C hair, it is advisable to use Shea moisture products for treatment, moisturizing, and styling. Due to its proneness to damage if it lacks proper moisture maintaining a proper moisture product is key to taking good care of 4C hair. Now that we know this, let’s get to the juice, girl, shall we?

Below are some of the best Shea moisture products to use for the best experience with 4C hair.

1. The Elucence moisture balancing conditioner

Elucence one is one of the most popular conditioners out there for curly 4C hair. Made using a blonde of coconut oil and olive oil, the moisture balancing condition from Elucence is claimed to give that extra shine, smoothness, and silkiness detangling and easy combing. It moisturizes your hair without leaving residues or weighing your hair down.

2. Oyin handmade honey hemp conditioner

It contains a perfect detangling slip with serious moisturizing power while giving your hair a clean. In addition to honey hemp, this conditioner contains other powerful hair care ingredients such as Aloe Vera and silk protein. It can also make a great pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment that you can use as a creamy, nourishing leave-in for your 4C hair.

3. Doux fresh rinse moisturizing conditioner

The Doux fresh rinse is formulated with a perfect combination of Shea Butter, Sea Silk, and Hibiscus. The ultra-moisturizing conditioner is designed to keep your hair super-hydrated for a solid thermal and environmental damage protection.

Pic of fresh rinsed moisturized 4c hair

Image courtesy @winstanley_25yo

4.  Obia natural curl moisture cream

The Obia natural curl cream product is formulated with the most perfect mixture of the hibiscus, Shea butter, and sea silk, an ultra-moisturizing conditioner that always keeps your hair hydrated. It also contains a blend of antioxidant-rich argan oil, burdock root oil, and grape seed oil, which strengthens your hair and adds shine to it. It is also free from sulfates and other chemical additives that may harm your hair.

5.  Camille Rose natural curls maker Marshmallow agave leaf extract

This one is created using a blend of natural horsetail and beet extracts, which are meant to help transform your hair into curls without leaving it hard and crunchy. If you’re looking for a Shea moisture product that will improve your hair’s curl definition and moisture that is always much admirable and more appealing for your hair.

6.  Unleashed shea butter and honey curl defining cream

This product helps to add shine to your hair, boost it’s define, and moisturize those coils without any causing shrinkage on your hair since they do provide hold thus perfect to use for wash-n-go braids.

Image of a black women with 4c curl hair restored by honey curl defining cream

Image courtesy @thecutlife

7. The Cantu coconut curling cream

This one is a thick, creamy concoction that defines and conditions your hair. It also helps increase your hair’s manageability. It’s also most perfect for adding sheen and moisture especially when you are prepping for protective styles (like twists and braids) for your hair. It’s also great for smoothing down your edges and up do’s for your hair.

8. Shea-moisture Jamaican black castor oil masque

It is a product that is more superior due to its nature of saving you from bad hair days and whipping the kinky hair into its best shape. It comes with a blend of powerful hair care ingredients such as the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Keratin, and Peppermint, in addition to Shea Butter. For the best results, the makers recommend that you use the Jamaican black castor oil masque only after shampooing. When applying the product on your 4C hair, try to apply it evenly throughout your hair, paying keen attention to the ends.

Image of a black woman with a castor oil masque on her 4c hair

Image courtesy @tanikaray

9. Camille Rose algae deep conditioner

This one is hand-mixed with blue-green algae that usually contains Vitamin B, which helps stimulate the regrowth of hair cells to result to thicker, stronger, and longer hair. It is said to soften and moisturize your dry hair, giving it the care and pampering it needs for a natural-looking shine. Use as per directions on the label.

10. Ouidad moisture lock leave-in conditioner

According to the manufacturers, this hair treatment product was created with skincare innovations in mind. Formulated with powerful ingredients such as the cactus extract, Vitamin B65, Green tea, and and the arnica extract, this product works on each individual hair strand to pull moisture from the atmosphere and hold it back while preventing frizz and promoting a healthier scalp. By sealing in the moisture in your hair, the product also protects your 4C hair from environmental and thermal damage.

11. Darshana Natural Indian Oil

Another popular hair care product for 4C hair, Darshana Indian oil is a botanical blend of natural oils that tend to be among the greatest sealants used as the curly cocktail, pre-shampoo, and hot oil treatment. It could be your best if you’re after a product that increases hair smoothness, detangles your hair, restores its shine, and reduces frizz while encouraging an overall hair health.

Image of actress Lupita's natural 4c hair

Image courtesy @lupitanyongo

12. Kinky Curly Knot Today

According to the manufacturers, the kinky curly knot is a blend of powerful hair care ingredients such as marshmallow root extract, mango extract, organic lemongrass, and slipper elm, among others. This leave-in conditioner is created to smooth your hair cuticles while adding moisture and shine to your coils without weighing them down on your head. It also removes knots and detangles your hair, making it easier to manage and maintain.

In totality, there are many different Shea moisture products that can benefit your 4C hair, reduce damage, revive it, and protect it from the various types of hair damage. With the above best options list, your task of choosing the best Shea moisture product for your hair just became way much easier. Some of the most important factors to consider when picking one from above include the active ingredients, the product’s popularity, reputation, consistency, and pricing, just to name a few.