Most of you girls have today adopted a variety of many new styles that you rock in at work or to parties during the weekend or even when hanging out with the besties for some gossip talk.

Slicked back natural hair has become one of the most elegant and stylish hairstyles around the globe. It is not only an easy way to manage and style your hair, but it is also quite a manageable hairstyle.

Despite the fact that there are more than half a dozen techniques to slick back your natural hair, one thing is for sure – you need to gel it to slick it back! And to be honest, how slicked and sleek your hair comes out looking will in part be determined by the type of gel you go for.

This brings us to the biggest question… what gel should you use to achieve the best outcome of the slicked-back look? And is gel the only product you can use to get this look? Well, find out below as we list down the various product options you may want to consider as you seek the best gel for slicking back natural hair.

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Various Styling Products for Slicking Back Hair

First, for you to achieve the slicked-back you have to pick a product that’s malleable and not too greasy. Additionally, the best product to get the job done will depend on the overall desirable hair look. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  • Pomade
  • Gel
  • Hairspray
  • Hair serum
  • Hair mousse
  • Hair styling cream
  • Hair clay wax

Of all the above, gel, pomade, and wax are the most popular alternatives. Nonetheless, it is important to note that each one of them has a different method of application, procedure, and outcome. Let’s discuss the pomades and gels in more detail below, before we get to the best gel for this slaying look we want to achieve.


Pomade can be your best bet when you need a flexible hold or if you have dry hair. There are basically two types of pomade. These include the following:

Oil-based pomade—It is inexpensive compared to their water-based alternatives. Oil-based pomade is best applied on dry hair.

Water-based pomade—This one always brings out the sparkling elegance of the slick hair as the oil-based pomades but wash out easily with water since they are water-soluble.

Compared to waxes, come in a variety of textures to choose from, from light-medium to light-hard. They are also creamier, which makes them more suitable for the slicking back your beautiful hair.

On the other hand, compared to gels, pomades do not dry out and will not harden on your hair. They always hold tight, yet remaining smooth and flexible. Pomades also have a wet consistency and leave the hair with a shiny finish.

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Gel is inarguably the most popular styling product. It is a favorite especially for quick application when you don’t have enough time to wait for your hair to air-dry. They provide an all-day hold, with a classic “wet” look. To get the most out of it, apply gel on your damp (thoroughly washed) hair after taking a shower. However, most people do not like the somewhat hardening effect that gel leaves on your hair a few hours after application.

When you look at the two, pomade is clearly a winner over gel. This is why most ladies nowadays prefer using the former rather than the later. Still looking for the best gel for slicked hair?

Probably not…

This being the case, here are some tips on choosing a pomade for slicked-back hair.

Choosing A Pomade for Slicked-Back Hair

Choose oil or water-based pomade

An oil-based pomade is always a more traditional choice to use on your hair but water-based is more commonly used. Your choice will always depend on the look you’re going for with your hair.

For starters, oil-based pomade tends to be less expensive than water-based pomade.  They also give a much greasier and shinier look than the water-based variants, and they typically have a much stronger hold on your hair, but also have a negative side, which is that they are water-insoluble making it difficult to wash out with water. It’s also hard to get it out by washing with shampoo as well.

There are degreasing shampoos available, but they might strip your hair of its natural oils, which is also a negative thing anyway. Also, water-based pomades aren’t as strong as oil based, but they will keep the hold as well as maintain flexibility to restyle throughout the day.

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Consider the ingredients

Some of the ingredients to look for in a good pomade include the following:

Aloe—Some types of pomades contain aloe, which is a natural product that helps brittle and tired hair and brings about the healing and relaxed effect. Aloe is also proven to help against dandruff and hair loss.

Avocado oil—Avocado oil is one of the ingredients found in pomades and it is known to soothe and regenerate the skin. It is also rich in vitamin E, which helps to enhance your skin’s natural protection against germs.

  • Thistle oil – Thistle oil contains linoleic acid, which is a natural product used against oily skin and acne. It is also considered effective in preventing skin irritation.
  • Mineral oil – This makes the hair softer and smoother while neutralizing the electric charge on the surface of your hair, thereby minimizing hair damage.
  • Sunflower oil – Used as a skin care oil, it is rich in vitamin E, which is a natural sun blocker.
  • Wheat germ oil – This ingredient reduces static electricity in your hair, giving it more volume and shine.

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Sheen pomade vs matte pomade

What you choose between matte and sheen pomade will determine the resulting shine and outlook of your hair. While matte pomade provides less shine, it works more efficiently for hair that gets greasy quickly. Sheen pomade provide more shine and tends to work better for girls with dry hair.

Pomade strength

Pomade products vary in thickness or what is termed as hold strength. A light-hold allows you to get a feel for how to style your hair and also still allow you to change the style throughout the day. Medium and strong-hold pomade works great for those with thicker hair.

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In conclusion, pomade is basically the best gel for slicking back hair. With the above tips at your fingertips, rocking that clicked back killer hairstyle shouldn’t be a problem anymore.