Especially for black women, rocking in healthy natural hair is more than satisfying. It can be a sure way to boost your confidence and self-esteem, especially since natural hair has a giant effect on attracting attention. But keeping all eyes on you will take some extra effort.

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More often than not, it doesn’t come cheap, let alone easy. Including the effect of the elements, hair care practices, hair products, and the usual day-to-day activities, it’s perfectly normal for hair to get gets weak and fragile. This brings us to the importance of choosing a good hair care product. And of the many remedial products for natural hair out there, very few of them match the effectiveness of hot oil treatment.

Image of black woman who had a hot oil treatment

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Hot oil treatment involves the use of natural oils to strengthen and protect your hair. This treatment is ideal for all hair types. It’s an effective way to fight off dryness, dandruff, and frizz among other styling and hair care problems. Below are some of the many benefits of hot oil treatment for natural hair.

It Increases Blood Circulation to the Scalp

Massaging hot oil on the scalp stimulates the nerve endings, which in return work on the veins to enhance blood flow to the scalp. Increased circulation enhances the distribution of important nutrients throughout the scalp and under the skin.

Photo of black woman who had her natural hair done with a hot oil massage

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Promotes hair growth

This is perhaps the most important benefits of hot oil treatment for natural hair. The better the distribution of essential nutrients to the hair follicles, the better your hair grows. This leads to a healthier natural hair. A good example is sweet almond oil, which contains vitamin E that stimulates the hair follicles to enhance growth. It can also be used as a hair mask to promote hair growth.

Helps to Improve Hair Appeal and Fight Frizz

Practicing hair treatments over time will add shine to your hair to leave it looking extra sleek and smooth. Hot oil treatment can also be an effective way to reduce stresses and frizz without having to weigh your hair down. In addition to reducing frizz, hot oil treatment also improves the texture of your hair. Sesame oil is an example of a product you can use to promote or restore the smooth texture of damaged hair.

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Improves Moisture Retention

Natural hair is prone to dryness, which is one of the most common causes of hair breakages and split ends. Hot oil treatment adds a film of oil coating that helps the hair follicles retain the natural moisture. These oils also help prevent dryness through excessive loss of water through the skin. Applying hot oil treatment on a weekly basis helps to balance the hair moisture.

Oil, which is one of the most beneficial oils on the planet, is known to be effective in protecting the hair from split ends and the damaging effects of heat treatment. Castor Oil works well to help with dry hair issues and in fighting dandruff. Coconut Oil also has an amazing ability to add moisture, making it ideal to combat dandruff and dry scalp. It can be a great option if you’re looking for that a soft and shiny appeal.

Photo of Gabriel Union Wade's moisturized natural black hair

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Fights Dandruff and Helps with Dry Scalp

Dandruff and scalp dryness are some of the commonest enemies or beautiful natural hair. Regular hot oil treatments can help keep your scalp well lubricated to prevent dandruff. It also rids the itchy sensation that comes from having a dry scalp. Avocado oil is a good example. It forms a protective and soothing over the affected part, providing a soothing feeling and helps to also repair. As a matter of fact, some oils also get rid of excessive oil to improve balance. A good example is Jojoba oil, which is unique in that it rids excess oils from the hair. This is recommended to those with naturally oily hair.

Improves Scalp Health

Hot oil treatment can also be effective in dealing with scalp infections. Argan oil, for instance, works on the skin and hair cells to restore elasticity. This quality makes this oil to be effective to treat most scalp related infections.

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Picture of African American natural hair model with caster oil product

Applying Hot Oil Treatments

This should be incorporated into the regular hair maintenance routines. It’s not that of a hard undertaking and can be learned by any naturalist. The procedure involves heating the recommended hair oil before applying it to your hair, hence the name hot oil treatment. In most cases, a heat-resistant oil applicator is required. You can also use an applicator bottle, immersing it in hot water or placing it in a microwave with your oil inside.

  • Once the oil is heated up, allow some time for the oil to cool a bit before applying it to the hair. This ensures that you don’t end up burning your scalp in the name of hair care beauty. Run your fingers through the hair to ensure that you reach all the hair strands and the scalp.
  • Once done, wear a plastic shower cap over the head and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. To make this an effective treatment, it’s advisable to sit in a hooded dryer steamer. This will allow the hair cuticles to open up, allowing the oil to penetrate even deeper.
  • Afterward, rinse your hair using a mild shampoo so as to strip off excess oils from the hair and leave it with a flawless appeal.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner once you are done.

When’s the Best Time to Apply Hot Oil Treatment?

It’s always best to ensure that your hair is clean before applying the hot oil treatment. Applying the treatment to a dirty scalp and hair will not be effective enough for the treatment to even penetrate the hair cuticles.

Other than this, the best time to apply hot oil treatment is when your hair is most vulnerable to breakages and damages. This can be after a frequent heat styling routine or right after you are done with chemical relaxers. This will allow the hair repair and regenerate. Also, it’s advised to apply this treatment when the hair in its natural form feels rough and dry.

You may also use sweet almond oil as a hair mask after you’re done with hot oil treatment.

Photo of black woman who applied hot oil treatmentImage Credit: @blackcollection97

In a nutshell, apply this treatment:

  • After frequent hairstyling
  • After using chemical relaxers/treatments
  • When experiencing dry hair
  • Any other time when rocking natural hair!

Once known as miracle treatments, hot oil treatments have been proven to work in repairing damaged hair and restore its luster. Mostly due to lifestyle changes, hairstyle trends, and peer pressure, a lot of women are adopting to unhealthy hairstyles. More often than not, these prove to do more harm than good to natural hair.

Using chemicals relaxers, dyes, and poor eating habits have all contributed to so much damage to the hair. Hot oil treatment can be an effective way to forget about bad hair days when rocking natural hair.

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