Hair and beauty gurus are a dime a dozen on the internet, now more than ever because of Youtube’s success. But every now and then, a few people come along who really blow our minds with their look, sense of style and creativity. Now while not all of the people wearing the lace front weaves that we’re about to show you did it themselves, they sure do wear it like they did; they wear it so well that it looks like it grew straight out of their scalp.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful lace front weave styles that we’ve ever seen.

(Image Credit) @jai_nice

While it is pretty obvious that these are extensions, we probably wouldn’t know if the hair color was a natural black or brown. The half up, half down style has become one of the most popular styles when wearing lace front weaves and it’s pretty easy to see why.

(Image Credit) @malibudollface

If hairstyles could win awards then this one would win an Oscar. How many times have you seen celebrities wearing their hair in side parts, with an elegant swoop partially covering their faces? Too many times to count right? If this picture hasn’t convinced you on the amazing styles that can be achieved with lace front weaves then we don’t know what will.

(Image Credit) @beigeojai

People just love to tell you how to lay your baby hairs down, but this style breaks all the rules and still manages to look amazing. Forget the hair in the back. The baby hairs have stolen the show and our edges when it comes to this particular style.

(Image Credit) @aaliyahjay

The best thing about lace front weaves is not being able to tell that it’s not your natural hair. And the true test of that, is having the entire perimeter of your head exposed. These buns are the definition of a natural-looking lace front style. Once we get over the fact that it looks like it came from her scalp, the two buns are actually very cute and are very on trend right now.

(Image Credit) @aaliyahjay

One of the keys rules that everyone must obey when wearing lace front weaves is that the front has to be laid down impeccably. When that’s done, it gives you the freedom to wear styles like the one shown in the picture. It’s another variation of the half up, half down style, with just a little bit more funk thrown in.

(Image Credit) @peakmilll

Sometimes we can forget that simple can be beautiful too. The style in the picture looks so effortless that we wonder if she woke up like that. And while we know that she didn’t, the ease that comes with this style definitely leaves us a little green-eyed.

(Image Credit) @ivyleaguestyles

The messy bun has taken over not just natural hair styles but weaves too. The versatility of lace front weaves allows us to achieve messy hairstyles like the one is this picture. If you want, you can put all the hair into the bun or leave some out in the front like our girl did.

It’s important to not be intimidated by these hairstyles. Don’t forget that the people wearing them were once newbies too. So with time and practice, you too can eventually slay all day, doing these looks by yourself. Youtube is a great way to start.

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