Ever since crochet braids made their comeback, crochet hairstyles have taken the black community by storm. They have been the go-to protective style because they are easy to install and are so versatile.If you are the type of person who likes to switch things up often, here are some new crochet hairstyles for you to try out:

1. Faux Loc up-do

When you put in Faux Locs, it can get boring wearing them down all the time. Why not go for this awesome crimpyFaux Loc up-do? The hanging locs frame your face perfectly and the up-do adds an elegant touch to the style. To really make a statement, add some hair cuffs, or pops of colour and you’ll impress everyone who sees you.

2. Can’t go wrong with a pineapple

On hot days, big hair can be a bit bothersome. This is the perfect style to let some air on your neck, while still looking like a runway model. Simply grab a scarf in a funky colour, flip your hair over, tie the scarf so that your hair is angled to the side, and you’ll have this beautiful, curly pineapple. This style is also great when you’ve worn your crochet braids for a few weeks and your edges (including the back) aren’t in tip top shape.

3. Shades of brown

Crochet twists are popular crochet hairstyles, but have you tried them in this colour? It’s nice to have a hair colour that complements your skin tone, andthese crochet twists can do just that! What is even better about this look is that the hair has highlights that would make it look natural as it swishes across your back.

4. Curls atop an undercut

Have you tried an undercut yet? If you’re thinking of it, let crochet braids help you to get this crown of curls! Black and burgundy are always a great colour combination for hair, but you can switch this up any way you like. As an alternative to this style, you can also try out a fro-hawk,but this will depend on the amount of natural hair that you have to work with.

5. Amber attack

The kinks in this amber hair tone creates a bold, different look that really make a statement. With this hair, you will have so much styling options. Just make sure you have an idea of the styles you’ll want to try out before you do your cornrows to install the hair.

6. Braids and embellishments

If you pay attention to fashion, you’ll realise that the latest clothing trends involve embellishments, so why not do the same with your hair? Crochet hairstyles are unlimited, and you can use the hair in different ways. To get this new look, use the crochet hair and braid them into the cornrows at the front. After that, you can use the latch hook tool and weave in the rest of the crochet hair at the back, as you normally would. Once you’re done, grab some beads, attach them to the end of your new braids, and secure them with a knot or a rubber band. Beads with more detail will enhance the look.