At this point, you’ve probably seen or worn Senegalese twists, jumbo twists, Havana twists, loose curls, tight curls, afros, and faux locs, among many others. By now, hairstylists and anyone who styles crochet braids may be scratching their heads trying to come up with the next best crochet braid hairstyle. Well, we’re here to help! This list of 5 unique ways to style crochet braids will tickle your brain and hopefully offer inspiration for your next stand-out crochet braid hairstyle.

1. Everything is better with salt and pepper!

Whoever said that “grey hair is for old people” is a liar! This look actually enhanced the wearer’s youthful features. Besides, why should you be regular when you can rock thesebig, salt and pepper twist outs? With the right accessories, this bold look will definitely set you apart from the crowd on any occasion.

2. Short hair, don’t care

We’re sure you haven’t seen much people with this style! Crochet braids come in a variety of lengths, colours, and styles, and once yours is a good quality, you can cut or dye it any way you like. These bleach-blonde ringlets are the prime example of the versatility of crochet hair. Slap on some bright red lipstick with this style and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

3. How about this Gypsy Curly Faux Loc style?

How much more different than this can you get? Locs AND curls; it’s the best of both worlds! The style is also quite easy to achieve. Simply purchase a mixture of Faux Locs and curly crochet hair, install them in the pattern you want, and then you can show off your unique style to the world. To make a bigger impact, you can add one or two strands of a striking colour like electric blue. If you’re feeling really adventurous, add a third type of hair texture to the mix and see how it turns out.

4. When in doubt, pineapple

Ok, so you’ve put in crochet braids, and now you’re looking for styling options other than letting it out.You may have gone to bed with you hair like this, but with a little extra loving, you can turn this into one of your go-to “outside hairstyles”. All you have to do is grab a pretty scarf, pineapple your hair,and let the crochet braids do the rest!If your crochet braids are short enough, they should not bother your face. If they arelong, just wrap them into a nice, big, glorious top bun.

5. Speaking of top buns…

…When it’s nice, do it twice! These mini top buns are so cute and incredibly gorgeous. What makes them extra special is that they are worshiped by those lovely caramel curls. The size of the buns would depend on the thickness of your crochet braids, as well as the cornrow pattern that the braids were weaved into. However, once you’ve determined the appropriate size, grab a few hairpins and work your magic.