We just love crochet hair!Not only is it easy to install, but once the braids are in, you can do so muchwith them. Modern crochet hairstyles tend to mimic natural hair, which makes them even more beautiful. But what is great about crochet hair is that it is extremely versatile! You’ll see this for yourself with these amazing hairstyles:

1. Bohemian curls

Yes, your natural hair can look like this, but sometimes you want to keep this style for a longer period without too much maintenance. These small, bouncy curls would be your perfect solution!It has just the right amount of volume, and you can play with the style as much as you want.Once you’ve bought a good quality brand of crochet hair, these curls can be easily refreshed. All you’ll have to do is put some gel on your fingers and run it along the individual curls to reduce frizz and to keep them radiant.

2. 3D Cubic Twists

These types of twists look complex, but they really aren’t. This crochet hairstyle can be achieved by simply purchasing a packet of pre-twisted crochet hair, attaching them to your cornrows, and voila! You’re done. You do have the option of buying loose crochet weave and 3D-twisting it yourself before installing, but of course that would take longer. If you want to spruce up this style, add a pop of color, like blue, burgundy, or brown.

3. Faux locs

One of the worst things about putting in faux locs is sitting for 8 to 12 hours (or more) getting them done! Although there are many ways to install faux locsthe easiest and shortest option (by far) is the crochet method. This can be done by putting single plaits in your natural hair, pulling pre-locked hair through the roots of each braid, then using a latch hook tool to hide your natural hair in the curl of the loc. Once the locs are in, you can manipulate the style in any way you like. This woman opted for a simple, half back, half down hairstyle.Try it out!

4. Loose hair

When we said that crochet hairstyles are versatile, we meant it. When you install loose crochet hair, you have so many options! Once the hair is a good quality, it can survive flat irons, blow dryers, rollers, water, rods,hair products, you name it. You can opt for a straight style like this one, or purchase a kinky texture to get that fierce afro that you’ve always wanted to rock.

5. Jumbo Crochet Twists

It might take years for your natural hair to grow to the length of your back, so why wait? It’s nice to feel a mane of hair flowing across your back. You can achieve this with these lovely jumbo twists! Add a few hair cuffs to enhance the style and you’re good to go. Expect to spend a few hours at your hair stylists’, as this style may take a while to install. But a four-hour appointment sure beats a few years waiting for the ideal length!